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    Corky Winers Limited – Alcohol Wholesale Registration Scheme Policy 

    Our Details:

    Corky Winers Limited are registered with the AWRS. Our details which will enable our trading partners to verify our membership, trading and company information are as follows:

    AWRS Number: XEAW 000 0011 6900

    Corky Winers Limited trades as Corky Winers and as Datum Attitude Brewing Co

    Company Registration Date: 5th August 2020

    Company Registration Number: 12794841

    Directors: Amy Leite and Samuel Morris 

    VAT Number: 357666161

    Trading Address: 13 Tollesbury Road, Tolleshunt D’Arcy, Maldon, Essex, CM9 8UA

    Registered Office Address: Lime House, 75 Church Road, Tiptree, Colchester, Essex, CO5 0HB

    Our Obligations under the AWRS:

    We are required to comply with certain obligations that apply to all businesses who are approved under the scheme. These obligations are required to:

    • make sure that businesses continue to be fit and proper to trade as an approved wholesaler; and 
    • be vigilant and help to reduce the number of opportunities for fraudsters to infiltrate the sector.

    We are committed to:

    • objectively assessing the risks of alcohol duty fraud within the supply chains in which we operate
    • having in place reasonable and proportionate checks in our day to day trading to identify transactions that may lead to fraud or involve goods on which duty may have been evaded
    • having procedures in place to take timely and effective mitigating action where we identify there is a risk of fraud; and
    • documenting the checks we have and intend to carry out.

    We will check:

    • the financial health of the companies we intend to trade with.  We will do this by carrying out due diligence online and at companies house;
    • the identity of the businesses we intend trading with.  We will do this by carrying out due diligence online, at companies house and by asking new trade/wholesale customers and suppliers for their incorporation or partnership details/certificates, VAT Number, AWRS number (and verify the same using the HMRC online register);
    • the trade terms of any contracts, payment requirements and credit agreements to ensure these are standard and there is nothing unusual;
    • and seek confirmation of duty paid status;
    • the cost of goods and whether duty, tax and delivery is included and how the pricing compares to the market generally.

    We will keep records of the checks we carry out at our trading address this will include Due Diligence (DD) forms detailing the checks we have carried out on retailers we supply to and wholesalers we buy from, risk assessments resulting from the DD forms and details of any reports made to HMRC or assistance sought from HMRC on any specific advice or guidance.

    We will update our checks and records in certain circumstances such as if the trading terms between us and any retailer or wholesaler change, or if there is any change to the corporate entity of any of our retailers or suppliers. 

    Corky Winers Limited August 2021