Verdant Brewing Co. Export Stout ABV 7.7%


“Soft like velvet and far too easy to drink. Eleven malts were used and lashings of molasses to boot! Caramel flavours range from sweet shop to burnt sugar. Roasted impact hits in waves with coffee grounds and cocoa upfront and that unmistakable roasted barley oomph we crave through the middle.”

Allergens: Wheat, Oats & Barley (gluten). Suitable for vegans.

7.7% ABV



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The Facts

  • Location: Penryn, Cornwall
  • Type: Eleven different malts in the grist, molasses and Columbus in the boil.
  • Percentage: 7.7%

The Producer

Verdant began life back in Autumn 2014 when homebrewers Adam and James teamed up with Rich to craft US-inspired beers that weren’t available locally.

Since then the team has continued to grow alongside the demand for their beer. Over the past few years Verdant have become synonymous with hop-forward beer styles including pale ale, India pale ale (IPA) and double IPA (DIPA).

Verdant’s ethos revolves around brewing the flavour-packed beers that they love to drink, and ensuring that beer lovers across the U.K. have access to delicious, quality-driven releases week after week.

Amy & Sam of the Corky Winers were so impressed by Verdant in their early days that they have invested and now own shares in the brewery.