El Candado Valdespino Pedro Ximenez


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The Taste

The NV El Candado Pedro Ximenez, produced from sun-dried Pedro Ximenez grapes for two weeks, and aged in a solera for an average of 8-10 years, is bottled with 400 grams of sugar and 17% alcohol. Mahogany color, the nose is a symphony of candied, dried fruits, raisins, figs and dates. The palate is clean, very sweet and spicy, and should be consumed quite fresh (10 degreess C), with chocolate dessert (or as a dessert in itself).

Rating: 90 Luis Gutierrez, www.robertparker.com (Dec 2013)

The Corky Verdict

Amy –The best PX that we’ve tried! It comes with a little padlock (candado) on the top – in memory of a Valdespino ancestor who once locked up a barrel of this wine because it was so good!

Sam –Huge, sweet almost treacle like this is absolutely fantastic!

The Facts

  • Pairs with: DessertAperitif
  • Year: NV
  • Category: Full Bodied
  • Location: Jérez, Spain
  • Percentage: 17% ABV

The Producer

Bodega Valdespino is one of the oldest bodegas in Jérez, originating in 1264, when King Alfonso X gave Don Alfonso Valdespino the gift of land in the City of Jérez. He was one of 24 Christian knights who fought to regain the City of Jérez from the Moors.

The company of today was formed in 1875, but commercial activities are thought to date as far back as 1430. In 1999, Valdespino was bought by Grupo Estévez who were able to fund and maintain the traditional methods for which Valdespino is famous.

Valdespino Sherries remain among the very best quality available, and Inocente is still the best Fino in the market, as well as being the only Sherry to be produced from the grapes of a single vineyard. Subtle changes to some of the other wines appear to have been for the best. Tío Diego Amontillado is now a little softer in style making it even more appealing and Don Gonzalo has been re-released in the VS range of older Solera wines.