Domaine Mas Amiel Vintage Maury 2016 (Half Bottle)


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The Taste

Mas Amiel are rightly famous for their Vin doux naturel wines, where they arrest the fermentation with the addition of some grape spirit, leaving a wine akin to young port. This has distinct prune, molasses, woodland fruits and rich chocolate notes. The bite of tannin brings something different and makes it a great match for chocolate and macerated fruit desserts. It also works really nicely with hard cheese, grapes and nuts.

The Corky Verdict

Amy –Sweet, alcoholic and rounded. This is a big, full bodied dessert wine that would also pair well with cheese.

Sam –Interesting! The Grenache leaves some tannin behind which makes this a great food wine. It is of course rather lovely on its own!

The Facts

  • Pairs with: CheeseDessert
  • Year: 2016
  • Category: Full Bodied
  • Location: Maury, France
  • Percentage: 16.5% ABV

The Producer

Mas Amiel is a vineyard just outside the village of Maury, North-East of Perpignan. Planted predominantly with Grenache, the estate is best know for the production of its Vin Doux Naturel, Maury, a sweet ‘oxidised’ wine which is aged outdoors in large glass demi-johns before being transferred into large oak barrels to age.