Cloudwater Brew Co. Thanks Again For Your Support Triple IPA ABV 10%


Massively dry hopped at 28 grams per litre, this is an absolute unit of a beer!

The second in a series of beers brewed exclusively for the independent retail trade.

By buying this beer from an indie retailer you are helping a small independent business get through a difficult winter, and in turn you are helping more people discover not only the superior variety and flavours of craft beer, but the knowledgeable, warm, and intimate service you simply can’t get elsewhere.

Allergens: Wheat, Oats & Barley (gluten). Suitable for vegans.

10% ABV



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The Facts

  • Location: Manchester, England
  • Percentage: 10%

The Producer

“Founded in 2014, we brewed our first beers on February 14th 2015. In our short history, we have made hundreds of different beers, in styles old and new, classical and imagined, evolving our brewing skills, honing our sensory evaluation techniques, and trialling fermentation and process changes in pursuit of ever higher-quality beer.

Outside our range of evolving and one-off seasonal beers, we collaborate with some of the world’s best breweries, and we also produce modern takes on classic styles. Though modern beer is our focus, we honour those that trail-blaze around us, and that pioneered before us by a constant focus on quality and innovation.”

Cloudwater Brew Co.