Our Wine Tasting Story

We have spent the last few months working to bring you our Bespoke Wine Tastings. We are pleased to say they have finally launched and are now available to order!

As with everything we do, our priority has been to offer something different that focusses on quality and luxury. Not only are our wine tastings beautifully packaged and presented in our branded gift boxes, but we believe they represent not only great value but have the wow factor.

Why have we invested so much time and effort into these unique tasting experiences? We were frustrated at seeing other retailers offering ‘at home wine tastings’ where they supply small samples of often undisclosed wines that were re-packaged in plastic. Not only were these wines decanted from very low price point bottles, but the packaging and approach to sales was worrying: some tastings claim that once delivered the wines can be kept for a week before being enjoyed. An open bottle of wine will rarely, if at all, ever keep a week because of the exposure to oxygen. We would be very surprised if there was no deterioration to the wine after it has been exposed to oxygen for well over a week.

We decided that it was time to offer a wine tasting experience that is done to the highest possible standard. In everything we do we respect not only our beautiful wines and how they should be packaged, delivered and enjoyed but also the producers of those wines.

What are we doing differently?

Our first priority was to find a way to package and deliver our wines whilst minimising oxidation. To achieve this, we have invested in a commercial canning machine. Aluminium beverage cans are fully recyclable, they prevent light from damaging the wine and are becoming the future of the beverage industry with many wineries now transitioning away from glass bottles and corks.

Whilst filling the beverage cans, we purge the can with CO2 (carbon dioxide) in order to remove oxygen and extend the life of the wine. This method allows our wines to stay in perfect condition despite being moved around in the courier network and we have safely achieved a shelf life of four days from the date of canning. For peace of mind all of our tastings are delivered with a recommended use by date of two days from being canned. Each wine is opened and canned to order.

Our second priority was to give our customers choice; the freedom to choose from a large selection of quality wines and to be able to fully customise their wine tasting experience. Our small producer wines are carefully selected and are available to buy on our wine list. This transparency allows our customers to see the value of each wine as well as the provenance of what they are receiving. Many other wine tastings are limited to a single selection and often include a ‘mystery’ wine of questionable quality.

We do ask, in order to avoid any wastage, that our wine tastings are ordered for a minimum of three participants. Each tasting box is perfect for a couple or two friends to share but can be enjoyed by a single person- a great excuse to pour yourself a large glass of each wine!

For the ultimate night in our customers can also choose to create their own bespoke cheese selection to accompany each wine. We stock a large range of artisan cheeses, charcuterie and cheese board nibbles, perfect for a cheese and wine night. We can also put together a paired cheese box specifically chosen based on your wine selection at a fantastic price.

We are proud to say that there is no other wine tasting experience on the market that offers the same quality, freedom of choice, attention to detail or value for money. We have already received an array of positive feedback from our local customers which you can find on our instagram page.

If you are interested in trying a variety of different wines or perhaps learning a little about a specific region then this unique experience will be the perfect choice.